Meet the Pop-Tarts

Sarah the Cereal & Pancake Pop-Tart!

The kids have definitely dreamed about this combination. After all, pancakes aren’t strictly a breakfast food-- they’re dessert for breakfast. So is sugary cereal. Why haven’t you tried this yet?

Charlie the Chocolate & Bacon Pop-Tart

Forget sweet and tart-- what about sweet and salty? Often passed by at the fair for funnel cakes and skipped at breakfast because it’s “blasphemous,” chocolate and bacon deserves a chance to save the day.

Olivia the OJ & Oreo Pop-Tart

Your favorite chocolate sandwich cookie was always meant to go with milk. Sure, “cookies and creme” is a great flavor, but why be so basic? Add some zest! Orange juice may seem strange, but when you taste it with that chocolatey goodness, you’ll know it’s anything but.

Pablo the Popcorn & Peanut Butter Pop-Tart

You’ve heard of adding things to popcorn, but what about peanut butter, the ultimate savory spread? Mix it with chocolate and mouths water. Try it with popcorn, and your jaw will drop.

Cal the Coffee & Butter Pop-Tart

Come from a tradition if Himalayan yak butter tea and you’ll know what it means to be living in extremes. Get your energy from this morning kick!

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